健康 & 安全


Calvin's outstanding wellness and safety services help you make the most of your education. Rated among the Top 20 最佳医疗服务 and 最佳咨询服务 in the country by the 普林斯顿评论, Calvin offers exceptional opportunities that keep you healthy in body, mind, and spirit. 这些服务可以让你成为优秀的学生, 顺利毕业, 并实现你的个人和职业目标.

From the talented providers in 卫生服务 to the highly qualified staff at the Center for 咨询 and 健康 and the professional campus safety officers who serve as first responders, Calvin ensures a campus environment where you can thrive as a student and as a child of God.



bat365旧网址的校园健康服务办公室提供全方位服务, primary care facility staffed by full-time doctors and medical professionals. 如果你得了流感,卫生部门可以提供帮助, 需要免疫接种, 或者在玩威浮球时伤了脚踝. We’ll be there if and when you need help managing allergies, dietary needs, ADHD, and more. We also coordinate care with top-tier hospitals in Grand Rapids and work in-network with many insurance providers.

“当我去找(Calvin)的时候, I was worried that I would be on my own for some particular health and counseling needs. At Calvin, I have been amazed at how good these services are. 它们比我在家里吃的好多了. 我知道bat365旧网址的人都很支持我. Providing for these needs allows me to focus on being a successful student!”





  • 初级护理
  • 多动症的服务
  • 妇女的医疗保健
  • 运动医学
  • 痤疮治疗
  • 学生保险
  • 心理咨询
  • 还有更多……

咨询 & 健康


这段时间压力很大. That’s why the Center for 咨询 and 健康 provides a wide range of resources to help you strengthen your emotional resilience and be successful in your academic and personal endeavors. bat365旧网址高素质的团队, licensed counselors utilize a nationally recognized Stepped Care Model to provide customized mental health services and recommendations for each student who walks through the door. Guided by core values of professional excellence, diversity & inclusion, compassionate care, and Christian faith, our center is there for you at your time of need. 和bat365旧网址一起成长吧!

“Honestly, my entire experience at CCW has been fantastic, insightful, empowering. 它帮助我在bat365旧网址度过了一段时间,并帮助我成长。”.

“I came into this group having very little practical knowledge on how to deal with my anxiety. Learning from and talking with [my group facilitator] has really positively impacted how I can approach and handle my anxiety and depression.”





  • 工作坊及研讨会
  • 治疗组
  • 个别咨询
  • 艺术表现群体
  • 还有更多……

健身 & 娱乐


Calvin offers all the tools you need to stay active and healthy while you're here. We have great fitness options, one-on-one personal training, and outstanding facilities. 成为加尔文10,000平方英尺的常客 健身中心. 在室内跑道或水上运动中心跑几圈. 参加一个集体健身班,和同龄人一起锻炼. 走出去,找到整洁的运动场, 8k越野比赛, 十几个网球场, 还有绵延数英里的步行道. 喜欢参加校内体育活动, 攀登世界级的岩壁, 或者借背包用品? 就在校园里!



  • 攀岩中心
  • Hoogenboom健康 & 娱乐中心
  • Huizenga网球 & 轨道中心
  • 莫伦健身中心
  • Van Noord竞技场
  • Venema水上中心



你的大学成功是bat365旧网址的目标. Calvin provides extensive academic services to help you become the best student you can be. This starts with one-on-one academic advising and extends to connecting you with a tutor or academic coach. Having trouble with procrastination or balancing your workload? 他们会帮助你管理时间. 努力准备大考? 他们会帮助你学习新的学习技巧. 很难跟上作业进度? 他们会帮助你培养更好的组织习惯. Whether you're concerned about a specific class or managing university life overall, bat365旧网址一直在你身边. Calvin uses a system of coordinated care designed to create a culture of support for every student, 无论何时何地,只要有需要. Visit the Center for 学生的成功, and see how they can help you succeed.



  • 建议
  • 残疾人服务
  • 网上学历
  • 研究援助
  • 一年级学生指南
  • 还有更多……



Calvin’s 校园安全 department provides services that create a safe and well-ordered campus environment. There are continuous officer patrols, campus video surveillance, late-night safety escorts, and more. With Calvin’s 校园安全 department, you can rest assured that you're protected. Our campus safety officers have law enforcement training and the experience needed to keep this community safe, 一天24小时, 一周七天. 最重要的是,加尔文军官对学生有一颗心. They even help unlock vehicles and jumpstart dead batteries on cold days.

“我和警官的互动非常愉快. He even talked with my mother who was concerned when she called 校园安全. 我给他们打满分.”



  • 全天候调度可用性
  • 安全护送往返校园地点
  • 定期安全报告
  • 多渠道学生紧急通知
  • 定期巡逻停车场

NOTE: An annual wellness fee is billed to students to assist the operations of all Calvin's wellness services. 更多有关 健康费用常见问题.




Calvin LifeWork为你的余生做准备, from your career to your relationships to your overall success. Whatever you find God calling you to, Calvin LifeWork will help you dive right in!



Campus ministries helps you grow in your faith and apply it to everything you do. Engage in chapel and worship services, Bible studies, and conversations with chaplains and peers. Help build a community of Christians committed to seeking and serving God.



Calvin provides healthy food options that emphasize lean proteins, 新鲜的蔬菜, 健康的脂肪, beans, 全谷物. 素食主义者还是素食主义者? 没有问题. 食物过敏? 你可以咨询注册营养师. Posted allergy information and nut-free tables are available in the dining halls.



指导 opportunities at Calvin provide you with valuable life skills. These will help you on your path to becoming a mature student and devoted disciple of Christ. You’ll meet people who offer different perspectives and faith-based wisdom as you stretch and grow.



Calvin is working to become an inclusive campus community where all students feel a sense of belonging and wholeness. 加入一个团契团体, 寻找移民资源, or develop your leadership potential—you'll contribute to the flourishing of this community as you do.


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